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Who we help


We save hospitals money and time through our streamlined prior authorization platform.


We help providers get approvals as quickly as possible so their patients get the procedures they need, when they need them.


We ensure patients do not miss out on necessary procedures because of the prior authorization process.


We are creating a new healthcare infrastructure to seamlessly connect providers and payers in the prior authorization process.

Words of promise

This Platform will immediately save physicians valuable time and money while providing patients greater access to the procedures they need.
Dr. Mini Somasandaram, MD
Physician at Comprehensive Women’s Care
We are very pleased with the level of organization that PriorAuthNow has brought to our department!
Radah L Brown
Revenue Cycle Manger, Adams County Regional Medical Center
PriorAuthNow makes life far easier for us and better for the patient.
VP of Innovation
Large Health System

PriorAuthNow enables quicker access to care by connecting the healthcare landscape through prior authorization automation.


Prior authorizations are submitted, monitored, and completed all in one place where you can upload notes, orders, and other patient information. PriorAuthNow works with your EHR to improve efficiency, and reduce double entries.

$31 billion
Spent on
prior auths
per year


No more responsibility slipping through the cracks! With PriorAuthNow, track every detail, every step of the way. Trace the footsteps between all parties and be confident in each determination.

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Eliminate confusion

We all know prior authorizations are confusing. Let PriorAuthNow do the heavy lifting. We already know what to send, where to send it, and how to send it, so you don’t have to worry about it.

40% of PA’s abandoned
due to complex
approval policies

Clarity through process

PriorAuthNow establishes a time and money-saving process that most organizations lack. Be more efficient and improve workflows by tracking prior authorization requests through PriorAuthNow’s unique process.

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Collaborate efficiently

There are many people involved in the prior authorization process so efficient collaboration is key. PriorAuthNow eliminates phone calls and creates seamless connection.

On average 1% of a health system's revenue is written off due to lack of prior authorization.