Establish a workflow

With our internal routing engine that knows where to send and receive prior authorizations, you can do more in less time. We eliminate the need to manually track down approvals prior to procedure dates. You’ll also get easy access to authorization details to process and protect claims.


Why don’t your authorizations get approved upon initial submission? Our data knows. PriorAuthNow does the thinking for you. With our advanced data analytics we translate what information needs submitted to reduce back and forth, thereby ensuring you get the approvals your patients deserve.

Stay up to date

When it comes to prior authorizations, there are a lot of things payers need that you might not be aware of. We do the thinking for you, keeping up-to-date records of all policy changes and payer requirements, such as medical necessity and required documentation.


Our platform creates customized dashboards featuring approval and denial rates by payer, provider, and staff. Ultimate clarity is just a click away.


Our platform tracks the life cycle of each prior authorization to ensure everything is done correctly the first time. With PriorAuthNow, you can digitally see all interactions, time and date stamped, in chronological order. You always know exactly who did what and when, providing ultimate clarity for your whole organization.