Joe Anstine

Co-Founder & CEO

The brain behind PriorAuthNow dons a crew cut and solid color v-neck, always pushing the team to new heights.

amol arora md

Co-Founder & CMO

Amol is a full time doctor, dad, and entrepreneur. We aren’t quite sure how he does it all, but we are pretty sure it involves magic.

brett boswell

Business Development Manager

Brett has built a pipeline from scratch and continues to bring us more customers than we know what to do with!

"There is no other place I would rather be."

Hannah gray

Manager of Internal and Community Operations

Hannah is our resident culture environmentalist. She holds us accountable and keeps customers in the know.

granville schmidt

Principal Site Reliability and Security Architect & Security Officer

Granville, obsessed with building healthcare companies, is creating a complete system of strength here at PAN.

Gina Winkler

Chief Product Officer

"We have the right people at the table, which means amazing things happen."

Mike Blackwell


Mike is not only a mediocre baseball player, he is an ultimate pro when it comes to understanding people and the products they want.

Bart Murphy

Chief Technology Officer

Solving difficult problems with technology is part of Bart’s DNA. Unfortunately, so is playing golf (terribly), watching Husker football, and reliving his college wrestling days.


Manager, Medical Specialists and Support

With over 17 years of healthcare experience, Jennifer is excited to be part of the solution to a frustrating and complicated process. Goals over the next two years include remodeling her master bath and cultivating the best square foot garden this side of the Mississippi.

"This is a place that takes chances on people."


Chief Revenue Officer

Ryan’s dream is to travel the world, but he’ll start with visiting (and helping) every health system in the country.

Drew Sheppard

Senior Vice President of Operations

Drew has a weekly standup meeting with his wife and kids-who tend to not follow the family project plan.

ted tasker

Senior Systems Analyst

Ted may mispronounce a lot of words with his Canadian ways, but he slays the data for our customers.

"Passion follows passion."

David Campbell

Sr. Front-End Developer

Life just got crazy for this new father. Juggling a new baby, building the face of our product, and making the journey look effortless – that’s David.


Manager of Quality Assurance

Joe White

Software Engineer

A difference maker; Joe uses his tactical awareness to quickly reduce the entropy of a situation.

"We are more than four walls and an operating system."

Amanda Ronis

BI Developer

Max Greschl

Site Reliability Engineer

Hannah Thompson

Strategic Account Executive

We’re always on the lookout
for fresh talent.

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Core Values

Stop, collaborate, & listen

This means we take the time to make sure everyone is heard and has a say in decisions, it is at the core of everything we do. In the words of our favorite rapper, “We make it hype and you want to step with this.”

Embrace Openness & Honesty

This means we are transparent, plain and simple. We set a very high bar for our customers, our staff, and our community. We won’t hire people who are secretive, untrustworthy, or have hidden agendas. We operate as a unit and will not tolerate mediocrity in these values. (Although we will tolerate mediocre singing…)

Be a scrappy bunch

Have you ever been in a room full of doers? They talk less, do more, and simply figure out how to get things done. We don’t cut corners. We take chances on new ideas and people, honoring grit and ability over experience.

Create funny moments

This business is not easy. Finding humor is a necessity for our team. We spend more time with each other than our dogs (sorry Scooby), so it better be enjoyable! We charge each other to keep the big picture in mind and to not become overwhelmed by semantics.


We push you to operate at 100% productivity. You are responsible for the outcomes. If you can solve the problem today, do not wait for tomorrow. Finish it.